Amazon quiz answers for 17th March 2021: Win Rs 15,000 as Prize

Amazon quiz answers

Amazon quiz for 17 March 2021 is live now and today the winning prize is Rs 15,000. Anyone who wants to take part in this Contest has to submit answers to all 5 questions within only 24 hours. Find Amazon quiz answers for 17th March 2021 here and play now.

Amazon quiz answers for 17th March 2021

Here are all the question answers of Amazon Quiz 17 March 2021

March 17 2021 Amazon quiz answers

Question 1. The Jal Shakti Ministry has recently announced that 12 iconic sites including Ajanta Caves & Sanchi Stupa would be transformed into what?

Answer 1: Swachh Tourist Destinations

Question 2. With KV Vijayendra Prasad of Baahubali fame as the writer, which of these is director Alaukik Desai’s latest project?

Answer 2: Sita: The Incarnation

Question 3. Which company is recalling close to 82,000 electric vehicles globally after 15 reports of fire, involving the vehicles?

Answer 3: Hyundai

Question 4. What is the currency of this country?

Answer 4: Krone

Question 5. This animal, the state animal of Himachal Pradesh, is also the national animal of which of these countries?

Answer 5: Afghanistan

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