Amazon Quiz Answers Today For 15th May 2021: Win ₹5,000 Pay Balance

Amazon quiz answers

Amazon quiz Answers for 15th May 2021 is live now and today the winning prize is Win ₹5,000 Pay Balance. Anyone who wants to take part in this Contest has to submit answers to all 5 questions within only 24 hours. Find Amazon quiz answers for 15th May 2021 here and play now

Here are all the question answers of Amazon Quiz 15th May 2021

15th May 2021 Amazon quiz answers

Question 1: Which of these institutes recently launched ‘Anandam: The Center for Happiness’?

Answer 1: IIM Jammu

Question 2: Lakhta Center, Europe’s tallest tower was built in which country?

Answer 2: Russia

Question 3: Mount Merapi, which recently erupted, is an active volcano in which country?

Answer 3: Indonesia

Question 4: These wrinkles near the eye are commonly called what?

Answer 4: Crow’s Feet

Question 5: Which two characters dropped crumbs of this in the forest and then were lured into a witch’s home?

Answer 5: Hansel and Gretel

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