Amazon quiz answers today for 24th April 2021: Win IFB Dishwasher

Amazon quiz answers

Amazon quiz Answers for 24th April 2021 is live now and today the winning prize is Win IFB Dishwasher. Anyone who wants to take part in this Contest has to submit answers to all 5 questions within only 24 hours. Find Amazon quiz answers for 24th April 2021 here and play now.

Here are all the question answers of Amazon Quiz 24th April 2021

24th April 2021 Amazon quiz answers

Question 1: The film Nomadland, stars which of these actresses in the lead role, who has won two Academy Awards?

Answer 1: Frances Mcdormand

Question 2: In a recent international friendly match, the Indian football team suffered a 0-6 defeat against which nation?

Answer 2: UAE

Question 3: Who are Leica and Trinity, who shows how to wear a face mask properly in a trending video shared by Cincinnati Children’s Hospital?

Answer 3: Two dogs

Question 4: What star is depicted on this country’s flag?

Answer 4: Star of David

Question 5: What is the name given to this fruit?

Answer 5: Passion Fruit 

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