Amazon Quiz Answers Today For 24th June 2021: Win ₹20,000 Pay Balance

Amazon quiz answers

Amazon quiz Answers for 24th June 2021 is live now and today the winning prize is ₹20,000 Pay Balance. Anyone who wants to take part in this Contest has to submit answers to all 5 questions within only 24 hours. Find Amazon quiz answers for 24th June 2021 here and play now. #QuizTimeMorningsWithAmazon and #AmazonQuiz

Here are all the question answers of Amazon Quiz 24th June 2021

24th June 2021 Amazon quiz answers

Question 1: Which international organisation recently released ‘Immunization Agenda 2030’?

Answer 1: WHO

Question 2: The ‘Plain of Jars’ is a mysterious megalithic archaeological landscape located in which country?

Answer 2: Laos

Question 3: In which country is an AI powered drone project set up to detect and map the most important habitats of Maui and Hector dolphins?

Answer 3: New Zealand

Question 4: This character was named in honour of whom?

Answer 4: Second person to walk on the Moon

Question 5: This infamous Pripyat sign can be found at the entrance to which complex?

Answer 5: Chernobyl

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