Reasons Why Some People Still Don’t Like Shopping Online

Shopping Online

Online shopping is taking over marketing faster than traditional ways of shopping. Sometimes, Shopping online can be difficult and tedious, however, with attractive products, online shopping destinations are easy to navigate making your shopping experience delightful. 

When people are shopping online they are not necessarily looking for you in particular, it’s more likely they are simply searching for a store that best fits their needs. Online Shopping has become an addiction with several e-commerce websites coming up every other day and with that, it has become one of the coolest trends these days. 

Even after all this, it is a bit hard to believe, but still in this era where the internet is the king, a good portion of shoppers still doesn’t prefer shopping online. Wonder, some people still prefer traditional shopping rather than online shopping, because they think in online shopping people can’t touch and check the product before purchasing, but in traditional shopping, they can check the product before purchasing it. But in this age of constant use of the Internet, why do many people still avoid shopping online? This is Now You Know and in this video, we will tell you why online shopping still is not very much popular.

No Purchase Guarantee

Offering money-back guarantees or some sort of assurance on the products being sold can help get the customer over the line, knowing that they have this peace of mind and helping to create a good impression in their mind.

Lead to identity threat

Few shoppers feel that shopping online puts them at risk for identity fraud as it requires sensitive information like bank details and addresses. But new online security technologies and facilities make e-commerce purchases much better and safer than many of the offline retail experiences.

Complex Check-Out Process

Dealing with a challenging and complex checkout method is not something the customer wants; Complexities involved mandatory registration, too many requirements of information, complex payment options, and no guest checkout option. Buyers sometimes might give up their order and this can impact the customer’s choice and any future purchases. 

Offline Shopping Is Easy

Buyers always look for instant satisfaction, but many consumers won’t do it if internet shopping doesn’t offer ease or interest as compared to offline experience. The buyer gets to see and feel the product in their hands while shopping offline. Apart from it a loyal relation between shopkeepers and customers also plays a huge role.

Additional Charges, Additional Dissatisfaction

Extra fees and additional charges disgruntled customers and result in losing them without making a sale. Conversely, best online deal sites providing best offers and discounts with transparent pricing earn a favorable and positive impression from their customer base.

Factoring your shipping into your product price, then offering free shipping, is a great way to make people feel like they’re getting a good deal without losing money yourself.

Over Pricing

We have always believed that if you need something good you need to pay well. And this misconception has overshadowed the E-commerce industry. Most people think that online shopping platforms charge more and while you can bargain the price in offline shopping, online shopping doesn’t give you this facility.

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