Abena Light Women Incontinence Pads – Small Size, 20 Count, Super Absorption Bladder Control Pads

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Breathable, anatomically-shaped, and designed for light to heavy-duty bladder incontinence, our urinary pads assure a rash-free experience.

Learn what makes us different:
The soft and smooth top sheet of incontinence pads prevents friction to keep your skin dry and healthy.
Our breathable cotton-like pads lock in more wetness compared to other maxi pads. The extra-absorbent slim core with a uniform fluid distribution channel keeps you cleaner, fresher, and drier.
Designed especially for women, our incontinent pads are ultra-thin and 100% breathable to protect against rashes, redness, and irritation.
Our urine pads deliver maximum bladder leakage protection with a discreet fit of adhesive stripes on the side. The super absorbent core with an extra length-wise barrier prevents urine leakage for a stress-free experience for elderly and senior citizens.
The incontinence pads are fragrance-free and gently cushioned for utmost comfort. The advanced odour control system with an innovative core traps wetness for a confident, worry-free experience.
Specially designed for you, our incontinence products offer advanced softness with attention to quality, safety, and sustainability. The urine pads are certified, tested and environmental-friendly to promote skin wellness.

Each urine pad is dermatologically tested with a soft & smooth top sheet for minimal irritation.
The disposable pads are accredited with Nordic Eco-Label and FSC-certified to maintain skin health.
Each pad is individually folded, packed discreetly, and can be disposed of easily. The adhesive strip secures the pad in an ideal position.
Minimize the stress with our perfectly-fitting incontinence pads that offer a comfortable experience for bladder weakness during pregnancy and urine incontinence. Let nothing stop you from living your life fully!


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