Acer Predator PBG820 Rolltop Jr. Backpack (Black)




Duty calls. Your pack is ready. Built to take on the environments with plenty of dedicated compartments to stow the heavy, the light, the big and the small, this backpack was made for war. So brandish your gear and suit up. Predator awaits. All weather-ready, plunge into any environment. Predator’s high-density polyester exterior can handle anything. Tactical accessibility, a pocket for any device, for any situation. The interior and exterior are lined with spaces waiting to be filled. Military efficiency, lined with military-grade material, the top and bottom flaps of the predator backpack ignore the effects of rain or mud. The lightweight titan, strap on or hold your titan-like backpack, able to carry up to 100 kg of weight while weighing in at 1.56 kg itself. Padded straps and a cushioned back panel with an air-flow design means sweat won’t be part of the trek.


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