Adroitz Car Cushion Set for Universal in Black (Set of 2)

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Adroitz presents premium quality car neck pillows. It provides all the ergonomic neck support you need for comfortable sleeping. Adroitz leather neck pillow for a car seat is mainly created to provide you the support you lack and keep your head in a better posture. Filled with soft memory foam, this comfortable travel neck pillow will alleviate tension muscles and reduce your headaches and stress during the drive. Who is this for. Daily commuters passengers road trippers the adventurous who have the case of wanderlust traveling by car, bus, train or air driving for a long time in the same posture can easily trigger a variety of cervical problems. There is completely ineffective and provide little to no support. With our compact and comfortable design, your head can rest easy. Typically, a large gap between a seat and your neck, head, and shoulders. Normal seats are: Premium memory foam pillow – firm, yet comfy never worry about neck pain or tight muscles again pre-washed and air dried – we take extra precautions to ensure that our products are ready to use upon delivery machine washable – for your convenience, our pillowcase is machine washable.


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