Green Tress 10 Inch Planter Pot (100% Virgin) Pack of 8 – Brown

999.00 325.00



UV stabilized plastic planter thick-walled, don’t break easily. Green Tress is the leading provider of plastic pots and accessories used in home gardens in India. Green Tress markets various kinds of plastic pots, orchid pots, hanging pots, net pots, root trainers and accessories. Green Tress plastic pots and accessories are designed and manufactured maintaining the highest quality standards. Green Tress pots are designed to be durable, light in weight, easily stock-able, with large drain holes and, are cost-effective for the grower. High quality branded plastic planters. Dimension weight: 235 g open face diameter – 25 cm bottom diameter – 15 cm depth – 23 cm can be used for all type of indoor And outdoor plants all type tabletop plants for keeping plants at office placement indoor – bedroom, living room, bathroom, office desk, dining table outdoor – can be placed outdoor in terrace, kitchen garden…


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