Lexton Rust Proof Stainless Steel Outdoor Lamp (Black, Pack of 2)




Bring home these bright and festive lights from Lexton to give your home the beautiful look it deserves. These long lasting and energy efficient lights provide an attractive glow to light up your homes, Ideal to use for living rooms, bedrooms, balcony, terrace, kitchen, garden. Features: 1. Easy to install 2. Safe to use 3. Bright and festive lights 4. Long Lasting5. Tangle free wires Applications:1. Christmas, Party, Holiday, Wedding Decoration 2. Widely used for home decoration use, hotels, clubs, shopping malls 3. Architectural decorative lighting, boutique atmosphere lighting 4. Extensively applied in Backlighting, concealed lighting, channel letter lighting 5. Decorative lights for holiday, event, show exhibition.


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