Lifelong Voltage Stabilizer for Refrigerator Upto 300Litre (140-290V), Black




Frequent voltage fluctuations and high power cuts can affect our appliances and can also leave them permanently damaged. However, the right voltage stabilizer for appliances can save your appliances and make them last longer. Lifelong Voltage Stabilizer works by stabilizing the utility voltage before it is fed to the connected appliance, so your appliance remains receives only the required voltage. Microtek voltage stabilizer is based on ‘Save Power Technology’ and have many unique features which enable them to give high performance and better reliability during frequent power cuts and voltage fluctuations, ultimately saving you electricity. Lifelong voltage stabilizers come in a range of options for different appliances and their voltage needs. We have a wide variety of Lifelong products, from stabilizers for air conditioners, to stabilizers for refrigerators and televisions.


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