Story@Home Round Shape Plastic Modern Stylish Wall Clock with Glass for Home/Kitchen / Living Room/Bedroom/Offic

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Gone are the days when clock are just used to show times only now-a-days clocks are symbol of your class and standard. If you are looking for a perfect wall clock which goes hand in hand with your home interior Story@Home wall clock is ideal choice for you. One of the ways to decorate with wall-clocks is to hang several similar ones in a row, as if they were an art gallery. Wall clocks are an inexpensive way to enhance the decor of any room. Buy Story@Home wall clock at an affordable price. Wall clock not only show the time but are of great piece of Decor too. Some Brief Details – Enhance your interior with this elegant round wall clock. There would hardly be any home without a clock. If you haven’t noticed then have a look and you will rarely find a home or office without a clock. Select your clock wisely. Story@Home Wall Clock is Ideal for gifting. Clocks today are also decorative items and add glamour to the otherwise bare walls. Grab Story@Home limited edition wall Clock at an affordable price. Care instructions: Wipe clean with a damp cloth. About Story@Home, Make your house look classic by inviting Story@Home product at your house. We at Story@Home take almost care about customer’s expectations and trust. A consummate commitment to excellence in every aspect of our existence has made Story@Home the brand of Choice. Customer centricity, which is at the core of Story@Home value system, propels our drive for outstanding quality and superlative output through consistent innovations and customization, be it in product development, delivery mechanisms or consumer experience.


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